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Common Questions About Marine Deck Flooring - Answered!

Posted by Louis Karpel on
marine deck flooring

When it comes to marine deck flooring, DEKit is the leading manufacturer in the industry. DEKit products were made to be as durable as possible, while offering a wonderful customized and upgraded look. We have an antimicrobial, anti-fatiguing, and non-slip design that gives you all you need to make your boating experience amazing from start to finish. Here are some of the most common questions we get about our marine deck flooring.

How Do You Clean DEKit?

To clean your DEKit flooring, all you need is water, a stiff bristle brush, and some soap. If there is staining, products such as 409, Simple Green, SoftScrub, and bleach are safe and recommended. Cleaners like Hull Cleaner are not to be used, nor are any acid-based cleaners. Bear in mind that leaving things like blood stains sitting for long periods will make it tougher to remove the stains. Washing as you go will minimize the need for elbow grease.

How Do You Apply DEKit?

DEKit uses a peel-and-stick process. Our products contain a 3M pressure-responsive adhesive to prevent shrinking and peeling from exposure. With proper installation, you can expect DEKit to last anywhere from five to seven years.

Can I Install DEKit Over Existing Non-Skid Surfaces?

That is one of the greatest things about our product — DEKit can be successfully applied over a variety of non-skid surfaces. But before you attempt to do so, it is a good idea to reach out and ask our team of professionals for advice.

Does DEKit Marine Flooring Get Hot?

DEKit marine flooring was designed to reduce and disperse heat on your marine deck. When choosing which colors are appropriate for your vessels, consider that darker colors will tend to heat up more than lighter ones. Regardless of the color you choose, though, our flooring will remain comfortable to the touch.

Are Custom Logos Possible?

Custom logos are not only possible, they are highly recommended. One of the biggest advantages of using DEKit marine flooring is that it gives your vessel an upgraded look, along with building your brand! You can supply the logo or let us create a one-of-a-kind design perfect for you.

Are DEKit Products Fur-Friendly?

Although one of the advantages of DEKit flooring is that it keeps feet and paws planted, claws can scratch the surface of the marine deck flooring over time. But it is made from a material that won’t absorb water even if the surface is punctured. So, yes, they help your pet stay planted, but we cannot warranty against pet-related damage.

What is Light Amplification?

Sun burning or light amplification happens when the sun’s rays reflect off metal surfaces or the gel coat, which produces a beam of light similar to a magnifying glass. Light application can result in exposing DEKit products to temperatures that exceed their max of 175 degrees and are not guaranteed.

DEKit marine flooring is an excellent way to save sore joints and muscles from a long excursion, provide a safe, non-skid surface, and keep your marine deck looking like new for the long term. Although these are some of our most commonly asked questions, if you have any others, please feel free to reach out and ask for assistance. Our team of professional installers is here to give you the answers you need!

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