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Dealer Spotlight: Clay Frye and Jordan Hoffman

Posted by Louis Karpel on
Dealer Spotlight: Clay Frye and Jordan Hoffman

At DEKit, we are marine enthusiasts first - boaters, fishermen, and real users of the marine products that make your experience on the water more comfortable and enjoyable. It’s important for us to partner with people who align with our values and passions. 

DEKit dealers Clay Frye and Jordan Hoffman took their zeal for fishing and the outdoors and built a business with it. They’re based in Miami-Dade County and serve from Coconut Grove to Florida City. Here’s their story. 

Raised Fishing the Waters of South Florida

Clay and Jordan both began cruising the water at a young age. They started out bass fishing in the Everglades and eventually moved on to navigating the waters from Biscayne Bay to the Shallows of Flamino’s backcountry. 

For Clay and Jordan, fishing is an art, a true passion, and an experience that they never want to compromise on. So, they decided to turn their dedication into a profession. 

Looking for the Best Marine Flooring on the Market

Clay and Jordan found DEKit when they were looking for the highest quality marine flooring option on the market for their personal boats. They wanted boat flooring that would provide years of beauty, enjoyment, and comfort on the water during adventure-filled hours of fishing. They also wanted a product that was customizable and to partner with a brand that was aligned with their vision. 

After comparing many boat flooring options, it became clear to them that no product could beat DEKit. 

DEKit formulates one-of-a-kind, non-skid, exclusively cross-linked PE/EVA foam flooring for marine enthusiasts who demand the best. It’s durable, UV-resistant, non-absorbent, and designed to dissipate heat so you can enjoy your time chasing after the big catch to the fullest. 

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The Joy of Freedom 

Clay and Jordan installed DEKit on their personal boats, but they knew there was potential for more. They decided to start a new business and become DEKit dealers for more freedom and impact. 

They were enthusiastic about working in the marine industry they loved and in a region that allowed them to stay close to their family and friends. But what’s even more important is that they felt proud of the quality of the products they were selling. They knew that they were delivering a smart, long-lasting solution to boat owners who wanted premium quality and performance. 

Proud of Taking Boating Experiences to the Next Level 

There are a few reasons why DEKit stands out from the competition. One of Clay and Jordan’s favorite things about the product is that DEKit boat flooring has an almost limitless ability to be customized

You can choose from a vast number of colors and color combinations, but to make your DEKit truly yours you can also add a unique pattern or put your own custom logo on your foam boat flooring. Clay and Jordan love that DEKit not only makes your boat more comfortable and reliable but also elevates the aesthetics and makes your vessel look smart. How your boat looks has a big impact on your experience on the water. 

Redefining Customer Service

At DEKit, our focus is always on quality, customization, and customer service. Clay and Jordan enjoy partnering with DEKit because they are able to provide a seamless service experience to their customers. 

When you get your boat flooring with DEKit, you never have to worry about bringing your boat anywhere. The DEKit team will come to you and digitally scan your boat using advanced technology to ensure precise and custom fit. No two DEKits are the same. 

Once the measurements are done, skilled CAD designers and CNC machinists will formulate and shape your custom boat flooring. There will be no awkward angles or poor overlay because your DEKit is created specifically for your boat. Then, DEKit will bring your new boat flooring for a professional installation. 

Clay and Jordan love hearing about how smooth and effortless the experience of getting DEKit is for their customers. 

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What the Customers Say

Clay and Jordan are just starting out and have been with DEKit for a little over a month, but they’ve already had happy customers report back that DEKit has made their boat much quieter and more enjoyable to use. 

Discover DEKit: Premium Foam Boat Flooring

DEKit is designed by real marine enthusiasts just like you for a better boating experience. Our customizable foam boat flooring is durable, easy to clean, and built for more comfort and enjoyment. Learn more about DEKit and get in touch with a dealer here

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