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Vendor Highlight - Alex Ramirez - Making Us Look Good All Over Houston!

Posted by Louis Karpel on
Vendor Highlight - Alex Ramirez - Making Us Look Good All Over Houston!

At DEKit, we know that our products are absolutely amazing. But for any foam decking to have the quality appearance DEKit is known for, it needs to be installed correctly. We have people all around the United States that we trust to make our products look as fantastic as possible. One such vendor that we would like to highlight is Alex Ramirez. Alex was born and raised in Houston and resides there currently with his beautiful wife and child. After being an off-shore worker for ten years, he decided that he wanted to switch gears and be home with his wife to watch their young child grow. One of his friends offered him a solution to starting a new career - working with DEKit!

Taking A Risky Leap of Faith to Become a DEKit Install Business Owner

With COVID just starting and things getting economically and socially tense in mid-March of last year, Alex took a risky leap of faith to go it alone and build something for himself, his family, and hopefully a business he can enjoy for decades to come. He joined our DEKit team and helped get our products to the Houston boat market. As many people experienced shutdowns and employment uncertainty, Alex’s new business thrived. It wasn’t just about the superior quality product; it was about his attention to detail, his wish to always give 100%, and his desire to offer the most in customer satisfaction, that made him so successful.

Customers Are So Impressed They Continue to Come Back for More

In an age where reputation is everything, Alex maintains that most of his business comes from repeat customers and referrals. While other industries suffered during the pandemic, the boat decking business flourished. Customers who could no longer spend their disposable income on going places and doing “things” spent their money on upgrading their boats to make them more spectacular.

What DEKit’s Customers Rave About

When asked what his customers like most about DEKit products, Alex insists that it is the ease and convenience that it provides his customers. It’s the way that it improves their boat's decking aesthetics, the cushioning comfort it provides, and the ease of clean-up - with only soap and pressure washing needed - that keeps them coming back for more. The majority of Alex’s customers own fishing charter companies and they absolutely rave about DEKit products and Alex’s expert installation expertise. Many have gone on to cover their entire fleet to have everything looking on-brand and spectacular. What is the feature that DEKit’s customers most like? When applied, the DEKit foam decking won’t stain and keeps everything looking fresh and new. And in an age of COVID, cleanliness is everything!

Thanks, Alex Ramirez - DEKit Appreciates You Greatly!

So we wanted to give a huge shout-out to a vendor who is not only putting his heart and soul into making us look good; he is also a hard-working family man whose trust in us is instilling trust in the many customers that he serves in the Houston area. Thanks for all you do, Alex - you are what gives our brand such a fantastic reputation, and it is much appreciated! Please follow Alex @deckitoftexas_houston and on his Facebook page, DEKit of Texas-Houston.

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