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Five Things to Look for in Your Custom Boat Flooring

Posted by Louis Karpel on
Five Things to Look for in Your Custom Boat Flooring

Your boat is a significant investment, which is why maintaining it is a critical part of protecting your assets. Custom boat flooring will make your boat look more customized and upgraded; it will also help to reduce wear and tear on your boat decking material. But not all custom boat flooring is the same. When you’re looking through different products, these are five critical factors to consider.

Non-Slip Protection

Although one of your main objectives is the aesthetics of your boat, slipping is a real hazard when you’re out at sea. And when someone gets hurt, it takes a long time to get back to shore. The best way to prevent a slip and fall accident is to find boat decking that has non-slip features to keep everyone safe and make walking around the boat less dangerous. Water safety is really a concern for boaters, so it is critical that you do all that you can to limit accidents.

Shock Absorption

When you are tossed around at sea all day, it is not unusual to wake up the next day feeling like a truck hit you. Sea legs come with sore joints and inflammation, but they don’t have to. A good custom boat decking product will have shock absorption so when you step off of the boat, you won’t feel it in your joints and muscles. There are many levels of shock absorption across different brands, so look for a product like DEKit, which is one of the industry leaders.

Aesthetic Appearance - Building Your Brand

If there is one reason that our customers enjoy our product, it is because it looks amazing. Not only does it keep your boat deck in awesome shape; the foam is a great upgrade to enhance the overall look of your greatest investment. People probably already have a bit of “boat envy” - why not turn up the heat and make them extra envious?

“Custom" is Not A Catchphrase

A lot of boat decking companies use the word “custom” in their branding because it is a catchphrase to attract customers, but not all of them are being totally honest. At DEKit, all of our products are customized and cut to fit the exact dimensions of the boat that it is going to cover. We also offer customization with logos and various colors to match the overall look of your boat and brand.


No boat decking can last forever besides the original deck itself, but there are varying degrees of how long a product will last. DEKit lasts for a full five to seven years, which is one of the industry’s longest timeframes. If you are going to invest in custom boat decking, invest in a product that will give you a long lifespan.

One of the best ways to keep your boat looking fantastic and protect it from the harsh sun and sea is by having custom deck boating installed. Not all boat decking is the same, however, so before you invest in a brand, make sure to look for these five critical factors that prove the quality of the company you choose. At DEKit, we are industry leaders because we offer superior, all-customized boat decking. Contact us to order yours today.

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