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Top 3 Boat Deck Flooring

Posted by Chris Bal on
Top 3 Boat Deck Flooring

Your choice of boat flooring can make or break your vessel's unique style and functionality. The right material will protect your boat and add to its individual style, making each boating experience more enjoyable. Depending on your needs, the right flooring can also extend the longevity of your boat.

If you choose the wrong type of boat flooring, it can lead to additional expensive cleaning sessions, unwanted repairs, and even total replacements long before it should be due. You’ve searched “boat flooring ideas” but with seemingly so many boat flooring options, how do you choose what is right for your vessel? 

We’ve done the work for you and we’re giving you the top 3 best boat deck flooring options that extend to almost any boat type and size! 

Cross-linked PE/EVA foam flooring

Foam boat flooring is a non-skid, exclusively cross-linked PE/EVA product that offers secure and more comfortable alternatives to standard non-skid surfaces. Combined with 3M PSA and UV Protectants your finished product will provide years of enjoyment, beauty and comfort. 

After installing foam flooring, you will have increased safety, style, and customization options compared to other choices in the market. Many dealers offer foam flooring that is designed for grip, stain resistance, and UV protection, and some even have peel & stick applications.

Some of the top benefits of PE/EVA foam boat flooring:

  1. It requires little maintenance and is more durable than most flooring choices
  2. It can be used for small boat flooring as well as large boat flooring
  3.  it’s easy to clean and can withstand almost all traffic and weather conditions
  4. It’s waterproof and creates a waterproof seal due to how it is applied 
  5. It’s soft and comfortable 

Vinyl Marine Flooring

Often found on larger boat floors such as pontoons, yachts, and even schooners, this is probably one of the most common types of boat flooring you’ll find. But be aware, marine vinyl is very different from your everyday household vinyl. 

The boating industry is constantly making improvements to its flooring…so here are the top benefits of choosing vinyl for your boat: 

  1. It requires little maintenance and is more durable than most flooring choices
  2. It’s waterproof and creates a waterproof seal due to how it is applied 
  3. It’s sound resistant, making it a great choice for fisherman
  4. It’s UV-resistant- making it last longer
  5. It offers durability and great cost

    DIY Non-Slip, Self-Adhesive EVA Foam Decking Sheets

    Full sheets are perfect for the everyday DIYer looking to level up their boat floor deck. Saving time finding a dealer and being a cheaper option, sheets can be used for anything you can think of that requires non-skid applications. The best sheets are 5mm and backed with 3M pressure activated adhesive making DIY projects easy and fun. 

    An added benefit is that EVA foam decking sheets can be used for boat flooring, RVs, home applications, garages, cars, swimming pools, and MORE. 

    Being easy to install, all you need to do is prep your surface with soap and denatured alcohol, grab your blade, and start measuring. 

    Maintenance cleanup is easy as well,  as you can use simple products like Dawn soap and water as well as SoftScrub or Simple Green for harder to clean spots. 

    Ready to shop for the best boat flooring? Shop our products here!

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