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Carpeting Versus Non-Slip Boat Flooring - Which is Better?

Posted by Louis Karpel on
Carpeting Versus Non-Slip Boat Flooring - Which is Better?

Your boat is not only a significant investment; it may be where you spend a majority of your time. That’s why you not only want to protect the deck; you and your passengers must be safe when you set out to sea. When it comes to flooring options, many boat owners weigh which is better: carpet or non-slip boat flooring like DEKit. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Hopefully, this information will help you decide.

Carpeted Boat Flooring

Carpeted boat flooring has been available for decades and is a great option for boat owners on a limited budget. It provides you both non-slip protection and it can help to keep your deck safe from harsh UV rays and the hot summer months. It is important, however, that you use only carpeting that is designed for marine use. Marine carpet has the durability that traditional carpeting does not, and putting real carpet on your boat is a huge mistake!

Advantages of Boat Carpet

One of the main advantages of carpeting is that it provides a non-slip surface that allows you to move around the deck safely. It also has acoustic properties that are thought to buffer the sound of your footsteps to fish underneath your boat. If you should slip and fall, it also has a cushioning effect so that you won’t get as hurt as if you fell on a hard deck floor. For some, the carpet also gives a more “homelike” feel for entertaining.

Disadvantages of Boat Carpet

Carpeting is known to absorb dirt, fish guts, sand - really anything that it comes in contact with, which can leave your boat smelling and looking dirty. And because it is constantly absorbing water, it never fully dries, which can lead to wood rot and mold. Also, regardless of what color you choose, there will always be fading over time that will make it look aged, and in turn, your boat will age too.

Non-Slip Boat Flooring

Non-slip boat flooring has the disadvantage of being more expensive, but it is a wise investment. Not only is it made from materials that are meant to be durable and keep your boat deck looking new; it helps with non-slip protection and shock absorptions, and it just looks better!

Advantages of Non-Slip Boat Flooring

DEKit marine boat flooring is low-maintenance and durable. Easy maintenance by hosing it down will keep it looking new for decades. Our flooring won’t fade because it is UV-protected, so the color will look as amazing on day 200 as it did on day 1. It is also heat-resistant, so you can walk around barefoot without burning your feet. Non-slip marine decking is also moisture-proof and will not mold or cause wood rotting.

Disadvantages of Non-Slip Boat Flooring

Except for paying more upfront, there are no disadvantages to installing DEKit foam non-slip flooring. All the money that you invest will protect your boat deck, your passengers, and you, so it is an investment that will pay for itself!

At DEKit, we offer the very best high-quality marine deck non-slip flooring in the boating industry. Contact us today to discuss how we can better protect you, your boat, and your passengers - it is well worth it!

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