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9 Unique Reasons Why DEKit Is the Best Fishing Boat Decking

Posted by Louis Karpel on
9 Unique Reasons Why DEKit Is the Best Fishing Boat Decking

As a fishing enthusiast, you never should have to compromise on the quality of your boating experience. 

The sad truth is that as you go on more and more adventures chasing after the big catch, your boat floor will gradually deteriorate. Harsh weather and environment conditions, such as direct sunlight and salt, will make your boat decking lose traction and worsen its appearance. 

The solution? 

DEKit boat flooring. 

Made with a premium non-skid material, DEKit marine flooring is designed to withstand life on the water, perform when you need it, and deliver comfort where you want it. 

In this post, we’ll go over the 9 unique reasons why DEKit flooring is the best fishing boat decking. 

Why Choose DEKit Fishing Boat Flooring for an Epic Time on the Water 


1. Premium Foam Boat Flooring Material 

There are a myriad types of boat flooring out there. You can choose from conventional wood flooring, vinyl floors, aluminum flooring, rubber flooring, boat carpeting…you name it. 

However, foam flooring is easily the best boat flooring material with a consistent competitive edge over other fishing boat flooring options. 

Investing in a high-quality material is especially important when you regularly use your boat for fishing. There is a higher risk that your boat floor will have to withstand potential damage from weather conditions, dirt, and other stressors. 

DEKit foam boat flooring is not just your average foam. 

Made with exclusively cross-linked PE/EVA foam and finished with 3M PSA and UV Protectants, DEKit foam decking is an industry-leading boat flooring overlay that’ll transform your time on the water. 

2. Stays Durable for 7+ Years

When you regularly use your boat for fishing, your boat floor must stay durable and reliable through a lot of action. 

You can expect DEKit premium foam to last 7+ years with minimal maintenance. 

Implementing additional steps, such as reducing long-term exposure to direct sunlight, can increase DEKit’s longevity. 

3. Non-Skid

When you own a fishing boat, you want to improve the traction of your boat flooring and increase friction. 

While you can apply non-skid paint on your conventional wooden flooring or vinyl to try making them more durable, this type of coating typically has a shorter lifespan and just doesn’t look as good as foam. Plus, having to apply (and then re-apply) non-skid paint is a hassle. 

DEKit foam doesn’t only seamlessly enhance traction to give more comfort to your tired feet, but also comes with water resistance and oil resistance properties, protecting your boat floor from general wear and tear. 

4. Dissipates Heat 

Long hours on open water can make your boat floor hot and uncomfortable to stand on, especially if you have a traditional fiberglass or aluminum deck. 

DEKit foam boat flooring has a unique closed cell structure that dissipates heat and doesn’t allow your boat floor to get too hot even on warm and sunny days. 

Many other fishing boat floor alternatives, such as vinyl flooring, get hot in the sun. With DEKit, you can easily fish barefoot and enjoy the sturdy feeling of your boat floor under your feet. 

5. Low Maintenance

Fishing can easily get messy. 

Fish blood and scales, sunscreen spills, footprints, and general dirt are just some examples of things you’ll have to clean off your boat floor on a regular basis. 

DEKit fishing boat decking resists dirt and is easy to clean with a simple combination of soap, water, and a brittle brush. 

You may need to use a stronger cleaning solution for heavily soiled foam, but most of the time very accessible cleaning methods will get the job done just fine. 

Aside from regularly cleaning DEKit, it’s also advisable to keep it out of direct sunlight when it’s not in use. It’ll help improve longevity and reduce color fade over time. 

In contrast with other fish boat flooring options, such as marine carpet, DEKit foam is significantly easier to maintain in a good condition. 

6. Does Not Absorb Bacteria and Dirt 

One of the reasons why DEKit fishing boat flooring is so easy to clean and maintain is that it resists dirt and bacteria instead of absorbing them. 

Alternatives, especially marine carpet, accumulate dirt over time even if you regularly and thoroughly clean them. This can lead to rotting, bad appearance, and even foul smell. 

Your fishing boat is a place where action happens. With DEKit, you can cruise worry-free, knowing that your boat flooring is designed to withstand everything that comes its way and the only thing you may need to do is a simple cleanup. 

7. Does Not Fade in Direct Sunlight [UV Resistant] 

Upgrading your fishing boat floor is an investment and you want to make sure that your flooring can maintain its smart looks for years to come. 

Many boat flooring materials on the market, including PVC flooring tiles and rubber, quickly fade when exposed to direct sunlight, leaving your boat looking weary. 

DEKit fishing boat decking is finished with 3M PSA and UV Protectants to resist direct sunlight and maintain its special properties. 

8. You Can Customize Your Fishing Boat Flooring

Your fishing boat is your home on the water, and you want it to stand out and feel enjoyable to use. 

This is why DEKit offers completely customizable boat flooring designs with 50+ colors, multiple potential combinations, a variety of finishes, and different options for deck thickness. 

You can combine different colors or create your own custom logo or pattern to add to your deck for a unique boating experience. If you’re not sure what the best design is for your fishing boat, the DEKit team can advise you. 

9. Easy and Precise Install

We use the latest technology to create foam boat flooring for your unique fishing boat and working with DEKit is straightforward and simple. 

We’ll come to your boat to take measurements of the area where you want your DEKit to be installed. Then, our dedicated designers and machinists will use these measurements to create custom-fit boat flooring for your fishing boat.

Once your new boat flooring is out of production, we’ll come back to your fishing boat to install it for the perfect finish. 

Go Fishing with the DEKit Team: A Video

Want to see DEKit in action? Watch the latest DEKit Original “Be The Fisherman.” 

It’s a tribute to the art of fishing and the pure bliss that comes with it. 


The adventure is just beginning. Transform your fishing boat with DEKit today. 

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