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Your Guide to Boat Flooring Replacement [Grady White Boat]

Posted by Louis Karpel on
Your Guide to Boat Flooring Replacement [Grady White Boat]

Whether you love using your Grady White boat to cruise and explore marine environments or to go after big catch, installing marine grade boat flooring is an excellent way to boost your comfort and make your boat look sharp. 

However, over time, your boat flooring starts to show signs of wear and tear because it’s been exposed to harsh elements, such as sun, salt, dirt, and fish blood. 

You want your Grady White boat to keep looking smart and being comfortable to use, so you’re thinking it might be the time for boat flooring replacement. 

Before you start Googling “boat flooring replacement near me” or watching YouTube videos on how to DIY it, here are 5 things you should ask yourself! 

Grady White Boat Flooring Replacement: 5 Things to Consider 


1. Does my Grady White boat need boat flooring replacement? 

As a rule of thumb, you should replace your boat flooring when it starts showing obvious signs of wear and tear and stops being comfortable — or enjoyable — to use.

You may notice that your marine floor is starting to detach and deteriorate or that it’s not as anti-slip as before. Mold and general dirt may also start accumulating more, even if you clean your grady white boat regularly. 

Alternatively, you may just not like the look of your boat floor anymore, especially if the color has faded. Grady white boats are an investment, so you should love every single part of it! 

Don’t wait too long to replace your boat flooring if it shows obvious signs of wear and tear. They don’t only make your boat less comfortable to use but also less safe.

2. What type of boat flooring material should I use? 

If your original boat flooring was marine carpet, needing a boat carpet replacement provides a great opportunity to choose a more high-quality material. 

Many Grady White boat owners turn to marine grade boat carpeting for boat overlay, but it might actually be the reason why you need boat replacement flooring in the first place. 

Marine carpet is not a UV-resistant material, which can cause color fade and deterioration over time. Moreover, even though marine carpet is waterproof, it can still hold a lot of bacteria even after you thoroughly clean it and become breeding ground for mold. 

So, what are your options? 

There are several boat carpet replacement options out there, but foam boat flooring is a premium material that comes with several advantages, such as: 

✓ UV-stability

✓ Oil-resistance

✓ Waterproof 

✓ Anti-slip

✓ Easy to clean

✓ Antibacterial and antifungal 

✓ Durability

✓ Reliability and comfort 

If you’re ready for a boat deck carpet replacement, consider DEKit for better boating and better protection. 

DEKit is a customizable boat flooring overlay made from non-skid, exclusively cross-linked PE/EVA foam which makes it both long-lasting and low-maintenance. 

Learn more about DEKit here

3. How long will my new boat flooring last? How should I take care of it? 

How long your new boat flooring lasts primarily depends on the type of boat flooring you choose. 

If you choose options similar to your old boat carpet, then you can expect it to last approximately as long as your old one did. 

But if you go with DEKit premium marine decking for your grady white boat, you can expect it to last up to 7 years, with an industry leading 3 year warranty. 

DEKit foam boat flooring doesn’t require any kind of special maintenance. A simple combination of water and soap is all you need to clean it and keep free of mold and bacteria. 

4. What kind of design and customization boat flooring options do I have?

You want your Grady White boat to look smart — which is why DEKit offers over 50 colors and a wide range of designs and combinations so you can create a style for your boat that feels you. 

You can also create custom logos and patterns for a completely unique boat flooring replacement experience. 

5. How do I replace my boat flooring? 

Boat flooring replacement is not a DIY project. 

It requires a lot of time, energy, and patience — plus, you don’t want to take any risks with your Grady White boat. 

When you do your boat flooring replacement with DEKit, you don’t need to bring your boat anywhere — we come to you and use special digital tools to precisely measure the surface where you want your new boat flooring to be installed. 

Then, our CNC machinist and CAD designers use the scans of your boat to create your custom marine decking and we go back to your boat to install it with utmost professionalism and care. 

There’s absolutely nothing for you to do except enjoy your Grady White boat. 

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Boat Flooring Replacement Near Me 

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