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7 Reasons to Get Your Boat Flooring with DEKit

Posted by Louis Karpel on
7 Reasons to Get Your Boat Flooring with DEKit

Your boat is a significant investment and you should never have to compromise on the quality of your boat flooring. 

Why? Because when you’re out on the water, you’re going against harsh elements — bright sun, salt water, fish blood, you name it — that can damage your boat floor. 

To keep your boat looking sharp and comfortable to use, you need to invest in high quality marine flooring. But how do you know which one is the best one? 

Here are 7 reasons why DEKit customizable, non-skid foam boat deck flooring is the best choice for you, whether you own a sailboat, a fishing boat, a commercial boat, or anything in between. 


7 Reasons Why DEKit Is the Best Boat Flooring  


1. Premium Foam Boat Flooring Material 

Foam boat flooring is the best choice for all boat enthusiasts, whether you use yours for relaxing lake days with family and friends or are an avid fisherman. 


Because other types of boat flooring on the market, such as vinyl marine flooring and aluminum flooring, come with significant disadvantages when compared with foam. 

Vinyl vs. Foam Boat Flooring

Vinyl marine flooring is a popular choice among boat owners because of its durability and water resistance. However, when compared with foam boat flooring, it is significantly more slippery.

Aluminum vs. Foam Boat Flooring

Aluminum flooring can be a good choice for some because it is lightweight and very durable, lasting up to 40 years. However, if you’re going to be using your boat on the ocean or the sea, you need to know that saltwater leads to immediate corrosion of aluminum flooring. In other words, one afternoon out can cost you your entire boat floor. 

Rubber vs. Foam Boat Flooring 

Rubber flooring is an eco-friendly and slip-resistant option, but, unlike foam boat flooring, it is not UV-stable and gets easily damaged in direct sunlight. 

Marine Carpet vs. Foam Boat Flooring

This durable material is a decent choice, but it fades quickly because it’s not UV-resistant and can hold a lot of bacteria– even after you thoroughly clean it. 

Why Choose Foam Boat Flooring

DEKit boat deck flooring is made from non-skid foam, which makes it stand out from other boat flooring options with features like: 

✓ Anti-slip

✓ Non-absorbent

✓ Oil-resistant

✓ UV-stable

✓ Antibacterial and antifungal 

✓ Great in both saltwater and freshwater

2. Durability 

DEKit boat flooring is non-skid, exclusively cross-linked PE/EVA foam with an industry leading 3 year warranty. You can expect your premium marine flooring to last up to 7 years, but reducing sun exposure when your boat is not in use can make your boat floor last even longer.

Boat flooring is an investment, so why wouldn’t you invest in a durable product you can use for a long time? 

3. Easy to Clean 

Using your boat should be fun — and that includes cleaning it. 

This is why DEKit boat flooring is carefully designed to withstand drink spills, all kinds of dirt, footprints, fish blood, sunscreen, and pretty much anything else. 

To clean your boat, you just need a simple combo of soap and water — no need to use harsh chemicals or special cleaning supplies.  

4. Style Customization

You want your boat to look smart, whether it's out on the water or docked. 

DEKit offers over 50 color options and a wide range of color combinations with a variety of finishes and custom logos and patterns to elevate your boat flooring. 

You can go with our suggestions or create something uniquely you. The bottom line is that if you can think it, we can do it. 

5. Comfort

When you’re spending a nice sunny day out on the water, the last thing you want is for your boat carpeting to get hot. 

DEKit boat flooring features a closed cell structure to dissipate heat, so you can comfortably use it barefoot even on the hottest summer days. 

6. Superior Customer Service

When you get DEKit, you don’t just get new boat flooring — you become a part of the marine enthusiast family.

Our goal is to make it as easy for you as possible to get your marine flooring installed. 

This is why you don’t have to bring your boat anywhere — we’ll come to you, get the measurements we need, and carefully install your foam boat flooring with the utmost professionalism and care. 

7. Made for Your Boat

No two boats are the same and we use state of the art technology to ensure a custom fit for your boat. 

Before we begin working on your boat deck flooring, we use advanced digital tools to measure the surface where you want your flooring to.. Then, we use a CNC machine and CAD design for clean cuts that precisely fit your boat for the best look and comfort. 

This way, the end product you get is custom for your specific boat and no one else’s. 

DEKit Installation Process 

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