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Your Complete Guide to Fishing in Rhode Island

Posted by Louis Karpel on
Your Complete Guide to Fishing in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a prime fishing destination to go after the big catch — it’s not called the Ocean State for nothing, after all. Whether you love cruising around large state parks or exploring smaller undiscovered spots, you’re in for an amazing adventure no matter where in the state you decide to go. 

In this post, we’ve carefully researched and selected the best fishing spots in Rhode Island. Ready to get your boat on? 

Best Fishing in Rhode Island: A Boater’s Guide to the Biggest Catch

1. Watchaug Pond

Watchaug Pond is one of the most fertile fisheries in Rhode Island. 

Located next to the Burlingame State Park and Westerly, Watchaug Pond stretches over 570 acres, so there is a ton of opportunity for adventure. 

This fishing spot is great for going after largemouth bass and black crappie, but you’ll also find lots of yellow perch and chain pickerel here. 

Watchaug Pond has boat ramps and parking, but if you’re looking for campsites with more amenities, head to the Burlingame State Park, where you’ll find plenty of camping spots right next to the lake.

2. Olney Pond

Located just a couple of miles away from Central Falls, Olney Pond is known as one of the best freshwater fishing spots in Rhode Island. 

Come here for pickerel, largemouth bass, rainbow trout, brown trout, and bluegill — and stay for the relaxing atmosphere and beautiful scenery. 

You’ll also find great amenities next to this reservoir, including boat ramps and picnic areas. 

Olney Pond is also known as Lincoln Woods State Park Pond, especially in local circles, so if you’re asking for directions you may want to use this name instead. 

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3. Stafford Pond

Another large lake on this list, this 480-acre reservoir is stocked with trout several times a year.

It is one of the largest fisheries in Rhode Island and, for the most part, the waters are broad and open — although you can find a few large coves at the north end. 

You’ll find a boat ramp and a parking lot here, and the nearby town Tiverton has plenty of other amenities if you need them. 

4. Haines Memorial State Park

A popular fishing spot with the locals, Haines Memorial State Park is picturesque and offers lots of amenities, including boat ramps and picnic tables — perks of being a part of a state park. 

This is one of the best saltwater fishing spots in Rhode Island — be sure not to miss it! 

5. Wyoming Pond

Also known as the Wyoming Den, Wyoming Pond is a tranquil fishing spot near Richmond. 

Wyoming Pond is stocked with trout multiple times a year and you can also find bass, carp, crappie, and northern pike. 

Keep in mind that this is not the best fishing spot if you want to bring your boat. 

Wyoming Pond has two access points, but one of them has a boat ramp that’s only wide enough for a small fishing boat and the second one doesn’t have a boat ramp at all. So, if you’re a boater,  better head elsewhere. 

6. Echo Lake

Although Echo Lake is a smaller lake than other places on this list, it’s still a great Rhode Island fishing spot where you can catch different types of bass. 

There are many private properties around the lake, but you’ll find a boat ramp at the Echo Lake Campground to access the water. 

Echo Lake is a family-friendly spot, so bring your kids! 

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7. Beavertail State Park

Another saltwater fishing spot in Rhode Island on the list, Beavertail State Park is a scenic and busy spot, especially in the summer. 

You can fish from the rocky shore to catch striped bass or from your boat if you want to go after the bluefish, blackfish, and false albacore. 

If you’re fishing from the rocks, be careful not to slip. If you’re fishing with kids, it’s best to avoid fishing from the shore at Beavertail State Park. 

Since this fishing spot is at a state park, you’ll find plenty of amenities here, from bathrooms to picnic tables. 

8. Brenton Cove

Located in the Brenton Point State Park, Brenton Cove is a fantastic family-friendly fishing spot in Rhode Island. 

It is rich with black sea bass and striped bass and has plenty of amenities, but can get pretty busy. So, if you’re looking for something more peaceful, Brenton Cove may not be the fishing spot for you. 

Best Boat Accessories for Fishing in Rhode Island


Foam Boat Flooring

Your boat is a big investment and you should never have to compromise on the quality of your boat floor. 

High-quality marine decking is a great solution that will keep your boat floor looking smart and being comfortable to use for years of fishing adventures to come. 

Wondering which decking material is right for you? 

DEKit marine flooring is non-skid, exclusively cross-linked PE/EVA foam comes with significant advantages such as being: 

✓ Anti-slip

✓ Non-absorbent

✓ Oil-resistant

✓ UV-stable

✓ Antibacterial and antifungal 

✓ Great in both saltwater and freshwater 

✓ Able to dissipate heat

✓ Durable 

✓ Easy to clean

Plus, it comes with over 50 color options and opportunity for custom logos and patterns so you can create 100% unique boat decking for your boat. 

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Helm Pad

An absolute must-have fishing boat accessory, helm pads provide the much-needed comfort and traction for your tired feet after hours on the water chasing after the big catch. 

Featuring a brushed texture, closed cell structure to dissipate heat, and thick foam that stays anti-slip and anti-fatigue even when wet, DEKit helm pads for boats will elevate your experience with comfort and style. 

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RTIC Cooler and Yeti Cooler Pads

Cooler pads not only make your coolers look smart, but also offer a reliable non-slip surface for when you need to relax. This makes them a great fishing accessory — no less important to have than a fish finder or rod holders! 

Whether you have a Yeti Roadie or a RTIC 65, DEKit custom cooler tops are made with non-skid, exclusively cross-linked PE/EVA foam to remain sturdy for years to come. 

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Foam Fish Ruler

Another must-have accessory for fishing boats, a fish ruler for your boat is indispensable for when you want to measure how big your latest catch was. 

Long gone are the days when you had to buy separate fish rulers and spend a ton of time trying to remember where on your boat you put them. 

DEKit foam fish rulers are made with a premium foam material and inbuilt into your deck for a hassle-free experience. 

The premium foam material also makes these fish rulers easy to clean — you’ll simply need a brush and a bucket with some water and soap to get rid of dirt and fish blood. 

Fish rulers are always a good idea — get yours.

Fishing in RI: DEKit Stories

Brian Combra is a partner at Sam’s Bait & Tackle – a local legend — and used DEKit to upgrade his fishing boat. Watch his story. 

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