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Why DEKit is a Cut Above the Competition for Your Boat Decking!

Posted by Louis Karpel on
Why DEKit is a Cut Above the Competition for Your Boat Decking!

Owning a boat comes with a lot of expenses. And sometimes there are things you can skimp on and other times where saving a penny might end up costing you dollars. The key to protecting your investment is maintenance and upkeep. Although the deck of your boat gets a lot of wear and tear, it doesn’t have to look like it. When you use DEKit foam decking, instead of other deck flooring, you can keep your boat looking like new for the long-term.

DEKit Flooring

DEKit offers a non-skid protection that is unique and has a cross-linked PE-EVA that helps to offer a more comfortable and safe feel. Unlike other boat decking that is simply sprained or rolled on, it has a cushioning effect to help absorb shock to your joints and muscles as you get jostled around at sea. That means shorter recovery times after a long day on the water. And it also makes it less likely that you, or others on board, will get injured when waves hit.

It Comes with a Three-Year Warranty

Most non-skid boat decking doesn’t come with a warranty. So if it is worn off or looks weathered, you get to pay to have it replaced. Because DEKit is so sure about the goodness of our product, we are willing to stand behind every foam deck we install. If you have any issues, simply contact us and we will do whatever is necessary to make you 100% satisfied.


Traditional non-skid surfaces really do nothing to enhance the look of your boat. They work well for the first couple of years helping you stay put, but they don’t reduce wear and tear to the deck of your boat. DEKit is designed not just to keep your boat protected, but also to make it look spectacular. Our products are completely customizable and long lasting. They can also help to build your brand and increase your charter revenue. People will pay more to be on a luxury vessel than your standard “fishing boat”.

Eventually you Discover What’s Best

Most boat owners that we meet are used to traditional non-skid. We find there to be a common case of not knowing what they are missing and once our customers make the switch they swear they will never go without DEKit on their boat again in their boating lives. It Isn’t Just About Foam Decking!

Our foam decking products are all a cut above, both figuratively and literally. We custom fit our flooring and our cooler covers, and have awesome accessories like handy rulers and console pads. And the best part is that your boat will match and be consistent with your logo or brand. From apparel to helm pads, we deck your boat out in style.

If you are on the fence about which type of foam decking to invest in for one of your greatest assets, just remember that sometimes when we try to save pennies, we can end up spending dollars. DEKit is hands down the best product in the industry, and because we believe in what we do, we offer the best warranty in the business.

Contact DEKit today to discuss how we can take your boat from a fishing vessel to a whole new experience!

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