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6 Reasons You Need Foam Decking on Your Boat

Posted by Louis Karpel on
6 Reasons You Need Foam Decking on Your Boat

A boat is a significant investment that you want to protect for the long-term, which is why doing all that you can to preserve its appearance is so critical. Foam decking works in many ways, including to make your ride more enjoyable by keeping people safe. Additionally, foam decking will help to steady the trip and to boost the comfort of everyone on-board. But there are other reasons that you should invest in foam decking for your upscale vessel.

1. To Protect Your Deck From Wear and Tear

The decking on your boat is subjected to a whole lot of sun and fun. If you don’t protect it carefully, then it can start to look run-down and decrease the value of your boat. Foam decking is an excellent way to reduce normal wear and tear, over time. And also, a great way to maintain the equity that you have in your boat, should you ever want to sell it.

2. A Better Alternative to Traditional Non-Skid Decking

Traditional non-skid wears down, and when it starts to, it can become slick. Non-skid applications need to be re-applied every four years, on average, and may cost about the same as one application of foam. Overall, foam decking lasts much longer and looks way more amazing. So, although foam decking might cost a little more at the start, it will last longer, and you won’t need to replace it as often.

3. Safety

Foam decking’s non-skid traction attributes don’t wear the way that non-skid applications do. Therefore, it improves safety on the boat and may reduce slip injuries. Also, it has a cushioning benefit if someone does slip and fall. The foam cushioning reduces the feeling of being beaten up day after day at sea because it absorbs shock to joints, muscles, and tendons. That saves you from being jostled around at sea all day long. So, foam decking is just a great way to help prevent injuries all the way around.

4. Custom Upgrade

Foam decking is a fantastic way to enhance the look of your boat by adding color and custom design elements. Our foam decking is completely customizable and adds a touch of luxury to your vessel. Make a bold statement with foam decking, and tie it all in together to build your “brand.” From decking to cooler covers; it will make your boat look super cool and high-end.

5. Stain Resistant

DEKit foam decking helps to protect your deck from stains. Your deck will experience a whole lot of insults and stains with everything from just enjoying some cocktails on deck to fishing. Our foam decking is stain resistant, and it will look amazing for the long-term, unlike decking applications that can stain and yellow, aging the look of your boat.

6. An Overall Protective Layer

Foam decking protects the deck from the cracks and dings that happen when you drop things. So, it helps to extend the new look of your boat’s flooring for years to come. It also helps to preserve what lies beneath the foam, to protect one of your greatest investments. Boats are expensive to buy and maintain, which is why you want to pay a little more to preserve your asset! The main reason that you should invest in foam decking may be the safety and comfort of everyone on-board. But it also works well to maintain the equity that you have in your boat and its appearance. DEKit’s products are all fully customizable and upscale. That is why our foam decking is well worth the investment.

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