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Soft Decking for Boats: 5 Reasons to Choose Foam

Posted by Louis Karpel on
Soft Decking for Boats: 5 Reasons to Choose Foam

You should never have to sacrifice your comfort when you’re out on the water. 

If your boat floor is too hard, it can lead to tired feet, stiff joints, and sore back, which all negatively affect the quality of your time on your boat. 

Many conventional boat floor materials, such as wood, lack the anti-fatigue properties necessary to take the edge off after long hours cruising or chasing after the big catch. In fact, they can exacerbate the feelings of stiffness and tiredness. 

The solution? 

Boat floor padding, otherwise known as boat flooring

Boat flooring is an overlay layer of marine boat decking that can be applied all over your boat floor to protect it from damage and increase your comfort. 

When it comes to marine flooring, there are a multitude of options available to suit your unique needs. 

However, if you’re in the market for soft decking for boats, foam boat flooring is one of the best choices you can make.  

Foam Boat Floor Provides the Ultimate Comfort for Your Feet, Joints, and Back

Due to its unique structure and just the right amount of thickness, foam is both a soft and sturdy material for your boat deck floor covering. 

It’s easy on your feet even after hours on the water, but it also consistently provides you with a reliable surface. 

You may consider investing in marine foam if: 

→ You spend a considerable amount of time on your boat

→ You fish a lot and need to stand for long periods of time

→ You want everyone on your boat to have an enjoyable experience 

→ You like being able to be barefoot on your deck 

→ You believe that your boat deserves high-quality materials

That said, comfort is not the only benefit of high-quality marine foam flooring. 

Why Else Choose Foam? 

Foam is a leading alternative to standard non-skid surfaces that comes with multiple functional features. 

Here are five important reasons why you should choose foam for your boat, in addition to it being nice on your feet. 

1. Durability

Marine foam is a highly durable material and you can expect your new boat decking to last for 7+ years with proper maintenance and care. 

One of the reasons why foam can withstand life on the water so well is because it’s a non-absorbent material that doesn’t accumulate dirt and bacteria. 

Many alternatives, such as marine carpet, can retain dirt even with regular cleanup, which leads to rotting and bad appearance over time. 

If you like to spend time on your boat with your friends & family or often get fish blood and scales on your deck, foam is a high-quality material that can take on all the fun. 

The best part is that foam doesn’t require advanced maintenance to retain its durability. Simply cleaning your foam when needed is enough to keep it in a good condition for multiple years. 

2. UV-Stable

If you spend a lot of time on open water or regularly expose your boat to direct sunlight, your boat floor will likely start to deteriorate over time. Many marine flooring materials, including wood, marine carpet, PVC tiles, rubber, and more are not UV-stable and can’t resist sun damage. 

Not all foam is UV-resistant, but DEKit foam is finished with powerful UV protectants that resist sun damage. 

As a result, with foam flooring, you won’t see discoloration or fading over time. Foam will also maintain its sturdiness and reliability even after being in the sun for a long time. 

3. Easy to Clean

Having to spend multiple hours every week maintaining your new boat flooring in a good condition makes it significantly less enjoyable. 

If your boat deck tends to get messy, whether that be from drink spills or fish blood, foam is a great choice for you because it’s very easy to clean. 

Most of the time, the only things you’ll need to make your boat deck clean again is a bucket of water, some soap, and a stiff bristle brush. 

If your foam is heavily soiled after a particularly exciting adventure, you may need to use a special cleaner, such as SoftScrub, but even simple bleach can be enough.

4. Heat Dissipation Qualities 

If you have a traditional fiberglass or aluminum deck, you may have noticed that in addition to being hard on your feet, it’s also uncomfortable to stand on when the sun is out. 

This can make activities like fishing or family gatherings on the deck difficult, especially if you like to be barefoot on your boat. 

DEKit foam has a unique closed cell structure that dissipates heat and prevents your deck from getting too hot even on warm and sunny days. 

Your boat floor should allow you to enjoy your time on the water to the maximum extent, and you can rest assured that foam will allow you to do just that.  

5. Smart Look

It’s important for your boat flooring to be functional, but you also can’t disregard its appearance. 

Traditional boat floor materials come in limited design and color options. So, your boat ends up looking like everyone else’s. 

Foam is a highly customizable boat flooring material, and DEKit foam comes in 50+ design and color options, so you can make your boat flooring as unique as your boat. 

DEKit also gives you the opportunity to personalize your boat flooring with a custom logo or pattern for a truly distinctive finish. 

From jet black to seafoam green, with DEKit there’s something for everyone. 

Why Choose DEKit? 

Foam is one of the best boat flooring materials, but DEKit raises the bar with exclusively cross-linked PE/EVA foam that we combine with 3M PSA and UV protectants for the most durability, comfort, and enjoyment. 

DEKit foam is: 

→ Soft yet reliable and sturdy

→ Comfortable and easy on your feet 

→ High-performing

→ Oil-resistant and non-absorbent

→ Long-lasting

We use state-of-the art technology throughout the manufacturing and installation process to ensure that your new premium foam fits perfectly and provides you with a better boating experience. 

We’ll come to your boat, digitally scan the surface where you want your new flooring installed, and use advanced CAD design and CNC machines to create a high-quality, one-of-its-kind product. 

Learn more about DEKit boat flooring for more comfort on your deck. 

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