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Helm Pads for Boats: Should You Get Them?

Posted by Louis Karpel on
Helm Pads for Boats: Should You Get Them?

As a boating enthusiast, you know that your time on the water deserves the utmost comfort and protection. 

Whether you like to cruise with your family or go after the big catch with your friends, it’s the small details that can make or break your boating experience. 

Helm pads are an underrated boating accessory that can take your time on the water to the next level. 

In this guide, we’re taking a deep dive into what helm pads are, who needs them, and where to find the best helm pads for your boat. 

Boat Helm Pads: The Ultimate Guide


What Are Boat Helm Pads? 

Helm pads are station pads that offer a comfortable surface for you to stand on, improve traction, and reduce fatigue. 

Boat floors can be rigid and spending a lot of time on your boat can be hard on your feet, knees, and back. Helm pads give you extra cushioning and friction to alleviate the stress of having to maintain your balance on the water. 

Yet, a helm pad shouldn’t be too soft. Ideally, you want a comfortable yet firm and sturdy surface that you can rely on even when you’re cruising big waves. 

Should You Get Anti-Fatigue Boat Mats for Your Boat? 

If you spend a lot of time on your boat, getting helm pads is a great idea. They will add more comfort to your boating experience while making your deck look smarter. 

You should consider getting helm pads if you: 

-Are a boat enthusiast who spends a lot of time on the water 
-Want to have a place on your deck where you can rest your feet 
-Care about your boat’s appearance
-Like going fishing and spent a lot of time standing on the same spot 

    Overall, a marine anti-fatigue mat is a good idea for practically any boater out there. 

    What Is the Best Helm Pad Material? 

    When it comes to choosing a helm pad, you have options – but not all of them were made equal. 

    Marine foam is a top-performing helm pad material that consistently provides you with just the right amount of comfort and  traction on your boat deck. 

    Foam has various advantages over other helm pad materials. 

    Foam Helm Pads Don’t Get Hot

    Foam features a closed cell structure that dissipates heat and allows your helm pad to be a cool and comfortable place to stand on for hours on end, even on hot and sunny days. You could even go barefoot on closed cell foam. 

    Many other materials, including vinyl, don’t dissipate heat and quickly get hot in the sun. It can be a major inconvenience if you’re spending a lot of time on open water fishing or hanging out on your boat deck. 

    A Durable Decking Material 

    Marine foam has a long life expectancy and will stay firm and comfortable for 7+ years. Keeping your boat out of direct sunlight when not in use will also help you improve the longevity of your foam. 

    Foam is more of an upfront investment than cheaper alternatives, but foam helm pads will give you their top performance for many years of boating adventures to come. 

    Easy to Clean and Maintain 

    Unlike many alternatives, marine foam doesn’t absorb bacteria and oil. This means that your deck mat won’t accumulate dirt over time and the only thing you’ll need to do to maintain it in top condition is simple regular cleanup. 

    Most of the time, the only things you’ll need to clean your anti-fatigue boat mats are a bucket of water, a bar of soap, and a brittle brush. If your helm pad is heavily soiled, you can use a special cleaning solution like SoftScrub or Simple Green. 

    DEKit Custom Helm Pads: Comfortable and Durable Marine Boat Foam

    DEKit makes industry-leading marine products that go beyond the standard and take your boating experience to the next level. 

    DEKit helm pads are made with premium anti-fatigue foam and offer a non-skid brushed texture and 13mm thickness to give the much-needed comfort for your feet, knees, and spine. But the DEKit difference doesn’t stop there. 

    UV Stability 

    DEKit helm pads are made with premium non-skid exclusively cross-linked PE/EVA foam and finished with 3M PSA and UV Protectants to resist color fade and quality deterioration in direct sunlight. 

    Sun is one of the harshest natural elements out there, but DEKit foam is designed to withstand years of use in the open sun to provide you with long-lasting comfort and beauty. 

    Four Colors to Choose From 

    Helm pads offer more than functionality. They also visually upgrade your boat deck and make it stand out. 

    DEKit offers four vibrant signature colors to choose from: 

    -Teak over Black
    -Ice Grey over Anchor Grey
    -Ice Grey over White
    -Anchor Grey over Black 

      DEKit helm pads are designed to give you performance and reliability, but not at the expense of style and beauty. 

      Easy Peel-and-Stick Installation 

      It will only take you a few moments to install your new DEKit helm pad and start enjoying it out on the water. Our 3M™ pressure activated adhesive makes the installation process fast and easy. 

      Get your first helm pad and start transforming your deck today. 

      Upgrade Your Boat with DEKit Marine Decking Foam 

      DEKit creates a variety of marine products that are built to give you top performance, durability, comfort, and ultimate style. Start exploring what DEKit has to offer. 

      Marine Flooring

      Made with a premium marine foam material, DEKit boat flooring is a smart-looking solution for boat owners who know that their boat deserves the best. Every DEKit boat flooring is made completely custom and tailor-fit for your boat for a precise cut and a beautiful finish. 

      Choose from 50+ colors, a variety of patterns, and unlimited design choices to create truly unique boat flooring

      Cooler Tops

      Every boat needs a sturdy non-skid surface for when you want to take a break. DEKit Yeti and RTIC cooler tops are made with the same premium marine foam we use to create helm pads and boat flooring. Customize with your logo and easily install with our 3M™ pressure activated adhesive for more comfort and style. 

      Fish Rulers

      If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you want a convenient and smart way to measure your latest catch. Our 36 inch long, 6mm thick premium foam fish rulers can be installed right on your boat deck for your next fishing trip. 

      Shop DEKit products for more comfortable and enjoyable cruising, fishing, and everything in between. 

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