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DEKit Products a Cut Above the Rest in the Luxury Marine Industry

Posted by Louis Karpel on
DEKit Products a Cut Above the Rest in the Luxury Marine Industry

Your boat is one of your most prized possessions and also one of your greatest investments! One of the best ways to not only make it more comfortable and keep it looking like new, but also to keep everyone safe while perusing the water, is to invest in custom boat deck flooring. But not all deck flooring is the same. Before you have your foam decking custom designed, make sure to look for these factors that signal the highest quality product in the industry.

Quality Matters

Custom boat decking will help to make your boat safer by providing a non-skid layer to all the hard surfaces of your boat’s flooring. While most decking is made from standard material, our decking is made exclusively from cross-linked PE/EVA foam. When you combine that with our UV Protectant and 3M adhesive, you have a decking that will not only make your boat more luxurious, it will also come with an industry leading warranty. Most importantly, it will ensure less wear and tear for your boat's deck.

Manufacturing and Installation

The key to any boat deck is both the quality of customization and installation. Our boat decking is made to fit every boat we suit uniquely according to exact measurements. We offer the highest precision fit in the boat decking industry and our technicians ensure that the material is installed perfectly to fit even the tightest of spaces. We also offer a vast number of colors, patterns, and logos to give your boat the finish you expect.


Decking can come in different colors and thicknesses depending on what type of boat you are installing it on and the product you choose. We have several thicknesses to pick from depending on the look, design, and application of the decking in the boat. In single color decking, we offer 3mm and 5mm. In two color decking, we offer 6mm, 13mm, and 26mm. Unlike other boat decking companies, we offer over 48 different color combinations and endless design options including wood plank, faux teak, pin line, diamond and fish scale. With all the options that we offer, when finished, your boat is truly one-of-a-kind designed by you!

Other Options

For the luxury look to finish your boat from decking to cooler, we offer products from rulers to measure your catches to helm pads to cushion your feet. And to protect your skin, we also have sun hoodies that are UV protectant and can extend your playtime without the fear of sunburn.

We understand the investment you have made in your boat and want you to enjoy each sea trip that you take. Our boat deck flooring is the highest quality in the industry, fully customizable, and a cut above the rest of our competitors in the industry. We offer products to not only keep your boat protected and looking beautiful, but we also offer products to keep you sun-protected and looking sporty. Check out our website today to see all the amazing finishing touches we have to offer.

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