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How to Choose the Best Yacht Flooring: Things to Consider

Posted by Louis Karpel on
How to Choose the Best Yacht Flooring: Things to Consider

A yacht is a big investment, and it’s understandable that you want it to always look its best. There’s no better feeling than stepping on your yacht deck or going into the master cabin and feeling that the design seamlessly emphasizes the beauty of your vessel. 

Yacht flooring plays a big role in the overall look and feel of your boat, but how do you figure out which marine floor is right for you? 

Modern yachts have a lot of space, which means that you can install different types of marine floorings and even create an elegant flooring system. In this article, we’re going to walk you through popular types of yacht flooring and help you figure out which ones are the best options for your vessel. 

Marine Floors: Things to Consider

When choosing yacht flooring, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. 

→ Where you’re going to install your flooring: yachts are getting bigger and you may want to choose different types of flooring for different areas, such as cabins, lounges, bathrooms, and deck

→ Durability: it’s important to choose durable yacht flooring that you won’t need to replace just a few months later

→ Cleaning requirements: some areas of your yacht — such as the deck — may get dirty faster than others, so consider installing a flooring material that’s easy to clean there

→ Water & UV resistance: it’s a good idea to choose UV-stable and water-resistant materials for the areas of your yacht that are going to be exposed to direct sunlight and water (ex: deck) 

→ Aesthetics: your yacht flooring should accentuate the beauty of your boat, so make sure to choose high quality materials

Now that you have these important considerations in mind, let’s go over some of the most popular types of modern yacht flooring. 

Marine Carpet on a Yacht

Marine carpet is a popular type of yacht flooring, especially in the interior rooms and lounges. It’s warm, comfortable, and feels nice on your feet, which makes it a great option for yacht interior flooring. Carpet also softens the impact and reduces outside noise, which makes it a desirable choice for cabins where people are going to be sleeping. 

It’s important to choose high-quality marine carpet and clean it regularly to maintain its appearance. Carpet is prone to accumulating dirt and bacteria, which can lead to bad smell and even rotting over time. 

Yacht Interior Flooring

Marble, wood, ceramic, porcelain, and granite flooring are all popular types of hard-surface yacht flooring, especially on luxurious yachts. They work great for yacht interiors including bathrooms. You can also combine different types of flooring to create an eclectic end result. 

The Best Yacht Flooring for Your Deck

One of the most important decisions you can make is what kind of decking material you’re going to use on your yacht’s deck. Your deck is going to be frequently exposed to harsh natural elements like the sun, salt, and fish blood, so it’s important to choose a boat decking material that’s going to withstand life on the water. 

While marine carpet, stone, and wood are often used for yacht interiors, you want something more practical for your deck. Most yachts use some kind of “unnatural” flooring, meaning that the material doesn’t come from nature and is man-made. Popular marine decking materials include: 

→ Vinyl

→ Rubber

→ PVC flooring tiles

→ Rubber

→ Marine-grade foam 

Each of these materials has its advantages, but marine-grade foam consistently proves itself to be the best marine decking material. Here’s why. 

Foam Is Reliable 

The marine floor on your deck should allow you to enjoy happy moments with your family & friends without worrying about your footing even when the seas get rough. Foam provides you with a solid grip even when wet, in contrast with other popular types of boat flooring, such as vinyl. 

Foam Is UV-Resistant

Your yacht deck is going to be often exposed to sunlight, which is one of the harshest natural elements to exist. Marine foam resists UV rays and doesn’t get damaged even in direct sunlight. You won’t see it fade and lose its properties over time. Rubber and wood are popular decking materials that are not UV-resistant. 

Foam Is Easy to Clean 

To clean your foam boat flooring, you’ll typically only need a bucket of water and some soap. Foam is antibacterial, antifungal, and non-absorbent, which means that it’ll be easier to maintain your deck’s appearance while enjoying your time on your yacht. 

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Foam Doesn’t Get Hot

Foam has a closed cell structure that allows it to dissipate heat and prevents it from getting hot even on the most sun-filled days. You’ll be able to comfortably walk on your yacht deck barefoot even when it’s hot out, in contrast to traditional fiberglass and aluminum decks. 

Overall, marine foam is a great option for your yacht deck. 

DEKit: The Best Marine Grade Decking

DEKit formulates industry-leading foam decking that can be made custom for your yacht for a truly state of the art result. We use advanced technology to scan your vessel, precisely shape your decking, and carefully install it for a perfect finish. 

You can personalize your DEKit, too. Choose from various color combinations and add your logo or custom pattern to your marine floor to make your yacht stand out. To get started, learn more about DEKit’s non-skid, exclusively cross-linked PE/EVA foam. 

Final Thoughts: Yacht Boat Flooring Options

Choosing the best yacht flooring is a big decision. You can use the same flooring material everywhere on your yacht, but many yacht owners decide to use a mix of different materials depending on the area of their boat. 

Marine carpet, wood, and stone like marble or granite are popular options for yacht interior flooring. For your deck, you can consider materials such as vinyl, rubber, and PVC flooring tiles, but foam flooring offers the best advantages. It’s reliable, easy to clean, and will last 7+ years with proper care. Learn more about DEKit’s foam flooring

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