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Four Reasons Custom Deck Flooring is Not a DIY Project

Posted by Louis Karpel on
Four Reasons Custom Deck Flooring is Not a DIY Project

When it comes to marine decking for boats, there is a range of various products - but they are definitely not the same. You made a significant investment when you purchased your boat, so it only makes sense to invest in things that will protect the equity you have in it, while also making it more enjoyable. When installing custom deck flooring, you might consider doing it yourself - but that is a huge mistake. These are just four important reasons to hire a professional company to do it for you.

Installation Is Everything!

When it comes to installing custom deck flooring, there are a lot of revolving parts that need to be handled precisely, and a lot of things that can go wrong. If you are going to spend the money to purchase marine decking, the additional cost of installation pales in comparison to how much doing it wrong will cost to undo. There is a science to installation, as well as a process that needs to be followed and specific equipment that needs to be used. If you do it wrong, your deck will look worse than if you never did it at all! A professional installer is a must to make sure that it looks good and provides the expected benefits.


Buying a high-quality foam decking like DEKit comes with a warranty. But that warranty is only good if it is installed 100% to the manufacturer’s specifications. If you aren’t a professional, there are many things you can get wrong. Even if any problem that arises isn’t directly related to your installation, your warranty for the product will probably be voided if you didn’t have someone with credentials install it. It doesn’t make sense to put the money out to get a quality product if you do it yourself, and then have no one to turn to if things go wrong!

You Get What You Pay For

There are all sorts of marine deck flooring products in the industry. Some are made to be do-it-yourself projects, while others are serious commercial flooring options. If you choose a company that does not provide or require a professional installation, that speaks volumes about the quality of their product. Marine deck flooring should be customized and have an exact fit. At DEKit, we know we have the highest-quality products in the industry and wouldn’t think about letting anyone install it but those who are trained and qualified to ensure that it is right!

Your Brand is EVERYTHING!

There are a lot of benefits of custom deck flooring, especially if you are purchasing it for your vessel fleet for branding purposes. Customization is everything when you are building your brand. Your boat makes a first and lasting impression, so getting it right is critical. If it’s not installed properly, the foam decking won’t protect your deck as it should. You invested so much into your boating charter, don’t skimp on the critical details - it really does matter!

In our industry, we get asked a lot about whether custom deck flooring is a good do-it-yourself project. In our opinion, you have so much invested in your boat; don’t go cheap when it matters most. Sometimes in an attempt to save pennies, we throw away dollars - don’t do that with something as important as your boat decking. Contact DEKit for a quote on installing your custom decking today!

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