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Best Boat Deck for Fishing [Livin’ the Dream TV]

Posted by Louis Karpel on
Best Boat Deck for Fishing [Livin’ the Dream TV]

Whether you’re an amateur fisherman or an avid pro, you should never have to compromise on the quality of your boating experience. 

When you’re chasing after the big catch, you’re going against two harshest natural elements — the salt and the sun. Combined with fish blood, general dirt, and spills, your boat floor has to regularly withstand a lot of pressure and damage. 

This is why one of the best investments you can make to keep your fishing boat enjoyable and comfortable to use for years to come is high-quality marine flooring

Boat flooring is an overlay over your existing boat floor. It doesn’t only protect your boat floor, but also keeps your boat looking smart and brand new. 

Want to hear about the benefits of marine flooring from someone who shares your passion for fishing? 

DEKit got together with Captain Jimmy Nelson and Luiza, the couple behind the renowned Livin’ the Dream fishing show and got their opinion on why DEKit is their boat flooring of choice

10 Reasons Why Marine Decking Foam Is the Best Choice for Your Fishing Boat

All DEKit boat floor decking is made with premium quality non-skid, exclusively cross-linked PE/EVA foam that offers a superior alternative to standard non-skid surfaces. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose DEKit for your fishing boat. 

1. Anti-Slip 

When you’re spending action-packed hours out on the water, it’s important to have a reliable surface under your feet that allows you to enjoy fishing without accidental slips and falls. 

DEKit boat floor padding is made with premium foam marine decking material which stays slip-resistant even when wet. 

When compared with other alternatives on the market, such as vinyl marine non-skid flooring, foam boat decking offers a much more reliable surface. 

2. Easy to Clean

Fishing can get messy. Fish blood, scales, and other dirt can be challenging to clean off your boat floor…

…but not with DEKit. 

DEKit boat decking foam is carefully designed to withstand life on the water and a simple combo of soap, water, and a stiff bristle brush is everything you need to keep your boat floor pristine. 

To clean heavily soiled DEKit, you can use SoftScrub, Simple Green, or regular bleach. 

3. UV-Resistant

Many marine flooring options on the market, such as rubber, carpet, and wood, are not UV-stable and get damaged by direct sunlight. 

If you use your boat for fishing, you will inevitably spend many hours under the sun. So, finding a UV-resistant option is a must if you want your boat flooring to retain its properties and look good. 

DEKit boat foam decking is finished with powerful UV protectants to make sure that your boat flooring doesn’t fade over time and maintains its properties, such as being slip-resistant, for years of fishing adventures to come. 

Moreover, DEKit closed cell structure dissipates heat, which means that your foam boat flooring won’t get hot even after many hours of being out on the water. 

4. Durable

The bottom line is: you want your new boat flooring to last. You don’t want to keep having to get new non-slip boat flooring every year. 

On average, you can expect your DEKit EVA foam flooring to stay in good condition for up to 7 years, but properly storing your boat and reducing sun exposure when not in use can prolong your marine decking lifespan. 

Here at DEKit, we understand that having a reliable surface when fishing is a must. This is why our foam flooring comes with an industry-leading 3 year warranty. 

5. Non-Absorbent

Many foam alternatives — for example, marine carpet — don’t resist bacteria and dirt well. As a result, it can get trapped in your boat flooring, even after you thoroughly clean it. Over time, this can lead to rotting, smell, and tired appearance. 

Having boat flooring that doesn’t absorb dirt is a must for a fishing boat. 

DEKit foam flooring for boats is antibacterial and antifungal, which means that you don’t have to worry about fish blood, scales, and dirt damaging your boat floor. 

6. Oil Resistant

Another major advantage of foam boat flooring is that it does not lose its properties when it comes in contact with oil, an important feature for a fishing boat. 

If you need to remove oil from your boat floor, a simple cleaning with water and soap will do the trick- or you can use DEKit's cleaner.

7. Saltwater and Freshwater Friendly

Captain Jimmy Nelson and Luiza go on saltwater adventures that blend inshore fishing, offshore fishing, and diving to highlight popular saltwater fishing destinations around the world, such as Florida and the Caribbean. 

Alternative boat flooring options, such as aluminum, can only be used in freshwater and taking them out to the ocean will result in immediate corrosion. 

Foam boat flooring can be used in both freshwater and saltwater, which removes all limits on what your next fishing adventure can be. Whether you’re into exploring the deep sea or enjoying the scenery in your local state park, the world is your oyster. 

8. Style Customization

DEKit offers over 50 color options, unlimited creativity with color combinations, a variety of finishes, and custom logos and patterns to make your fishing boat stand out from the crowd. 

The DEKit team can help you create a one-of-a-kind boat or you can bring your own idea to life — it’s up to you! 

9. Precise Fit for Your Fishing Boat

Your fishing boat is unique. 

This is why DEKit uses state of the art technology to create foam boat flooring that fits YOUR boat — and no one else’s. 

The process starts with using modern digital tools to measure your fishing boat surface. Then, a CNC machine and a CAD design system create clean cuts that precisely fit your boat for a smart look. 

10. Easy Installation Process

You are probably busy planning your next fishing trip. 

This is why the DEKit team makes the boat flooring installation process seamless, from responsive communication to a convenient set up. 

You don’t have to bring your boat anywhere. DEKit will come to you, get all the measurements to create your custom marine flooring, and come back for a professional installation. 

You don’t have to do anything — DEKit will carefully take care of every single detail. 

Livin’ the Dream TV: DEKit Adventure

Captain Jimmy Nelson is a Florida native who has dedicated his life to the thrill of the big catch. He’s spent more than 30 years fishing the flats, the reefs, and the sea’s deepest blue and documents his adventures on his fishing show, Livin’ the Dream

Luiza of Fishing with Luiza often joins him and the power couple love to share their passion for fishing with the world and educate other fishermen on the best ways to fish and dive. 

DEKit got together with Jimmy and Luiza to fish, talk about all things boat flooring, and have a good time. Watch the video below! 

*video coming soon*

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