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ABOUT Tim Popfinger

Tim Popfinger is a big game captain, well known for running the “Betsy,” an 87-foot custom Spencer, whose program is centered around the Atlantic Blue Marlin Fishing grounds of the Dominican Republic and St. Thomas.

Tim has traveled extensively chasing big game fish throughout the Caribbean, Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, Madeira, Bermuda and the Bahamas, as well as up and down the East Coast of the U.S.

He has caught over 1500 Atlantic Blue Marlin. Besides chasing The Billfish Foundation’s annual trophy for the most Atlantic Blue Marlin releases, Tim can be found around or under the water.

He’s an avid waterman, accomplished surfer and spearfisherman.

  • LocationPompano Beach, FL
  • Vessel:Betsy” 87-foot Spencer
  • Expertise: Big game captain, saltwater fishing, surfing, freediving, spearfishing
  • Accomplishments: Former Professional Surfer, The Billfish Foundation’s Top Captain award for most Atlantic Blue Marlin releases.