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Captain James Marko is a 3rd generation Floridian. Fishing has always been in his blood but he’s only been a full time captain for 7 years. Besides running his successful charter business from the waters around Sanibel island to Boca Grande , FL or producing the top-rated series Goliath Fishing for Amazon Prime.

He also dedicates significant time to Goliath Grouper and Shark research work for Fish and Wildlife. He loves to share his passion for chasing giants and trophy style fish while promoting respect and conservation for the amazing species and marine environment they live in.

Check out his hit series on Amazon Prime called “Goliath Fishing”.

  • Vessel: 2020 23ft Bonefish Hill-tide
  • Expertise: Tarpon, Sharks and Goliath Grouper
  • James Marko with fish

    It’s a jungle out there, and navigating it requires a real pro. You can count on Captain James Marko to get you on the fish.

    Tim Northdrop
    James Marko in Beach