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Freeman x DEKit
Redefining Offshore

It's called offshore for a reason. Those who invest in the best deserve the best for their offshore experience. We are not talking about inshore, or nearshore, because the horizon where we are going is nothing but more ocean. There's no going back, there's no turning in until the job is done. We push the limit and fill the fish box every week. These are Freeman owners and high performance is in their DNA. DEKit is engineered for the offshore angler who demands quality and performance.

Complete Coverage

We have measured countless Freemans, and no matter which model you proudly own we have it patterned. With every inch accounted for, wherever you need DEKit on your Freeman, we have you covered.


Filling the fish box does not come without fish blood. DEKit was built with the angler in mind, through our own foam formula we deliver a product that is easy to clean. After a long day offshore the last thing we want for you is hours of scrubbing.


Just as your Freeman was built to stand the test of time and whatever the seas throw at you, so is DEKit. Our product is UV resistant and engineered to stand up to the elements. Gaffs, anchors, fish bills, weights, bring it on!

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