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Give Yourself the Gift of Luxury This Holiday Season by Adding Marine Foam Flooring!

Posted by Louis Karpel on
Give Yourself the Gift of Luxury This Holiday Season by Adding Marine Foam Flooring!

Your boat is not only your haven; it is a significant investment! The best way to maintain it while you enjoy it to the fullest is by installing marine foam flooring. Why spend so much on a beautiful vessel and then not go the extra step to protect the decking and gain all of these amazing benefits? 

Protecting Your Boat Deck

Your deck takes a whole lot of punishment from things like the sun’s rays and the saltwater, so protecting it is a must. By treating yourself to marine foam decking this holiday season, you are giving yourself the gift of preservation. You’ve already invested so much - make sure to spend the little extra it takes to keep your boat looking like new for the long-term.

Make Boating and Fishing Less Punishing

Being out on the sea fishing and boating are your favorite things, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be rough on your muscles and joints. Marine foam flooring provides shock absorption to the deck so that you won’t come home with aching joints from a long day of fun in the sun. What’s better than enjoying a full day of adventure without paying for it the next day?

The Gift of Safety

Your boat deck can get slick, making it hard to move around the boat without slipping and falling. Installing foam decking will provide a non-skid surface that will help keep everyone safer when being jostled at sea. The additional peace of mind of knowing that the crew won’t be tossed around is an amazing gift - not just for you, but for everyone.


If there is one really good reason to have marine foam decking installed, it is aesthetics. If you want to give your boat a luxurious look, then choose DEKit’s fully customizable options. From cooler covers to helm covers, go all-out to treat yourself this holiday season. Adding upgrades like foam decking will not only protect one of your greatest assets; it will add equity if you ever want to sell or trade up.

Install It for the Loved One on Your Holiday List

If you don’t have a boat but someone you love does, having marine foam decking installed for that special someone on your list is a perfect way to say “I love you.” You might not be able to put the boat under the tree this Christmas, but you can certainly wrap your gift with a bow and then head out to sea to enjoy it.

The holidays are right around the corner, and you work so hard all year - it is time to treat yourself. Whether you purchase foam decking for your boat or for your loved ones, it is the perfect gift that keeps giving all year long and into the future. At DEKit, our mission is to offer the highest-quality boat decking in the industry. Contact us today for an installation quote and start enjoying your boat even more!

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